FLECK was an ACM tour in collaboration with composer Joe Snape, in which a core of five musicians toured venues across the UK, followed by a hop over the channel a month later for the European leg, perfoming in Berlin, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

The programme of all-new works centred on Fleck, Flob, Flop: a new large-scale work by Joe Snape for chamber ensemble, electronics and live-typed text projection. The sixteen-part piece explodes a mythical dispute between a beautiful bird and an ugly fish into a contemporary sonic drama. Documenting the complicated relationship between an elderly lady, her infirm husband, her onetime lodger and the audience, it poses big questions about love, death, and difference in small, off-kilter ways.

Also featured were new works by composers and ACM founders Michael Cutting (in collaboration with Video Jam's Sarah Hill) and Vitalija Glovackyte. Whole pieces in their own right, each offers extensions and negations to the narrative world of Fleck, Flob, Flop, and idiosyncratic takes on the challenge of musical storytelling The playful and witty radio play Friday by Vitalija has the artist debating with multiple self-personas the process of creating the work, while Michael and Sarah's Tape Talk, Flutter and Warp fuses sound and moving image through performing with devices associated with the act of telling stories (film projectors, slide projectors, reel to reel tape players). Accompanied by a fresh commission from a local guest musician or collective in each city, every performance was a unique, collaborative event.

As a companion to the tour, a suite of works by Joe, Michael and Vitalija was released as a limited edition on Manchester’s influential DIY label Ono, with artwork by Michael Holland. Described by Piccadilly Records as "Invoking musique concrète, accidental composition and a Fluxian sense of fun, "Fleck" sounds like a much more listenable and accomplished Group Ongaku, embracing musicality with idiosyncratic charm", a small number are still available online at Boomkat and Piccadilly Records.

The tour was generously supported by Sound and Music, SNYK, AUT, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), and Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd. More about the tour can be found on our blog here.


UK tour dates

13.05.15Apiary Studios, London

With guests Bastard Assignments

14.05.15Vivid Projects, Birmingham

With guest Darren Joyce [Modified Toy Orchestra]

15.05.15 - S1 Artspace, Sheffield

With guest Andy Ingamells [Los Caballeros]

16.05.15Metal, Liverpool

With guests Immix Ensemble

17.05.15IABF Centre, Manchester

With the full ACM Ensemble


EU tour dates

17.06.15Del Rex, Berlin

With guest Laurie Tompkins

19.06.15Spanien 19, Aarhus

With guest Kaj Duncan David

20.06.15 - Mayhem, Copenhagen

With guest Kaj Duncan David

22.06.15Splendor, Amsterdam

With guest Genevieve Murphy





On the UK road








On the EU road


buzzers, digital hurdy gurdy, midi sampler,
sound recordings




violin, glockenspiel, midi sampler


bass, bass synth


live touch-typist


direction, visuals
photography courtesy of Andy Sawyer

Our handmade limited release on Manchester's DIY label ONO.

Copyright ACM 2015